TekTrack®, the Complete Mail & Package Tracking Software System
"Package tracking made Smart. Simple. Secure."

Inbound Package Tracking Software System

Whether you are running the mailroom, tracking inventory, or managing patient and client records, TekTrack® is the complete, inbound, mail & package tracking software solution. Anytime, anywhere, TekTrack makes tracking a package through your organization easier than ever before.

Tracking mail right from the box. The Complete Package Tracking Software Solution.
TekTrack is an easy-to-use, inbound mail & package tracking software system that is adaptable to an endless array of applications. It utilizes the latest barcode and RFID technologies while still allowing for tracking of non-barcoded packages and parcels. For increased speed and mobility, TekTrack provides full integration with mobile scanners and PDCs (portable data collectors) and allows you to customize the workflow to your business needs.

Making the most of your money.
TekTrack has more features and functionality than most internal package tracking systems. With TekTrack, you can send customized e-mail or text message notifications to recipients automatically when packages have arrived. It has alerts that show your package handlers special handling instructions for packages and special delivery instructions for locations. TekTrack also introduces many unique features like SmartScan™, a feature exclusive to TekTrack that helps you get your job done faster with less work and fewer errors.

It's as easy as...

  • Packages arrive.
  • Enter packages into the system:
    • using a mobile scanner
    • using a desktop scanner
    • manually
  • Enter package information.
  • Print labels for packages.
  • E-mail automatically sent to recipient.
  • Deliver by mobile or allow for pickup.
  • Recipient signs for & receives packages.
  • Delivery information uploaded immediately.

Need fewer or more steps in your workflow? No problem! With TekTrack, you can customize the workflow to suit your organizational needs. TekTrack lets you define not only the number of steps in your workflow, but what information users are allowed to enter during package processing.

  • Maximum efficiency, minimum errors.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Convenient access from any networked computer.
  • Full integration with Windows mobile devices.
  • Completely customizable by you to suit your organization's needs.
  • More features for less; affordable pricing packages with leasing options.
  • Keeps your team informed of events you specify.
  • Highly scalable, secure, and reliable.
  • Plug-in architecture to support proprietary hardware and software integration.
  • Easily supported without IT department.
  • Adapts in minutes to numerous tracking scenarios.

Mail Tracking. Integrates with UPS, FedEx, and more...
TekTrack picks up where parcel carriers leave off. Its seamless integration with major carriers' package tracking systems lets you track inbound and outbound packages effortlessly. Not only does TekTrack recognize carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others but it also gives you the ability to define or remove carriers as your needs change.

Delivery using mail and parcel tracking. Maintain accurate records and accountability.
Regardless of industry, TekTrack helps organizations monitor and report their accountable assets. TekTrack lets you tailor the information you capture about your assets to meet the specific needs of your organization. Users can conveniently get status updates and reports from anywhere within your organization. TekTrack helps ensure proof-of-delivery and accountability with features like electronic signature and image capturing.

Mail Tracking. Manage files and documents quickly and easily.
TekTrack's features make document tracking a breeze. Move individual files or utilize the asset relationship feature to move several files at once. Utilize search and report abilities to know where all of your documents are at any given moment.

Barcode scanning utilized in TekTrack mail and parcel tracking.

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