TekTrack Package Tracking Benefits by Industry

TekTrack is an inbound, package tracking system that can be used in an endless number of tracking scenarios. It can easily be adapted to manage your inventory, mail parcel, legal documents, bank drops, and much, much more. Best of all, the tracking system is completely customizable by you so you can change it to your organization's needs in minutes. Below are some common applications.
  • Automatically e-mail employees or customers when packages arrive or have been delivered to them.
  • Let your employees schedule pickups for the mailroom.
  • Let your employees, and even customers, securely monitor their packages without having access to the system.
  • Capture signature for proof-of-delivery and even capture photograph images of damaged packages for historical records.
  • Create metric reports that lets your mailroom team measure their efficiency and handler workloads.
  • Export reports to one of several formats used throughout your corporation.
  • Create custom labels/barcodes by campus, building, floor or any other criteria you like.
  • Control which users, groups, and departments are able to update package information and perform operations.

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